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Pitch session EEN Bridg€conomies award @ InnovationVillage2019




ENEA EEN  Bridg€conomies Award

during  the International workshop
Smart & Green : opportunities and challenges for SMEs
Innovation Village 2019 @ National Railway Museum – Pietrarsa- Naples
Apr. 5th 2019 09:00 -13:30

12 companies, startups, research centres and universities will present on April 5th 2019 12:15-13:30 their innovative Business  ideas in Energy, Environment,  Green building, Eco-innovation, new  Materials, ICT


ENEA, partner of the Consortium Bridg€conomies  of Enterprise Europe Network,, proposes at Innovation Village 2019, events where thanks to the confrontation between research, companies, organizations, associations, startups and professionals, it becomes  possible to propose the excellence of research and the opportunities for the operators involved to facilitate innovation and technology transfer.

Brokerage events, bilateral meeting and round tables between companies, start-ups, research centers and universities, and an International workshop on Green Technology  on Green Technology which will take place on 4 and 5 April in the splendid location of the  National Railway Museum  of Pietrarsa within the framework of Innovation Village 2019

During the ENEA EEN Green Tech Workshop, a special pitch session is also proposed


Session D - Green and smart ideas in SMEs and in Research; ENEA EEN-Bridg€conomies award pitch session
April 5th  2019 12:15 - 13:30

Chair: Marielle Vermunt, Kvk, the Netherland & Francesco Roca, ENEA, Italy


This special part of the workshop is dedicated to  a maximun of 12 Italian companies, SMEs, start-ups, research centers and universities that will present their innovative business ideas in Energy, Environment, Green building, new materials, ICT to the international representatives of EEN SGIE and EEN TGCE , stakeholders, decision makers and big companies

Participation in this award is also permitted to European companies and organizations that have operational headquarters in Italy and  they intend to  tightly collaborate with  Italian companies and organizzations.

EEN Sector group Intelligent Energy  (EEN-SGIE) e EEN Thematic Group Circular Economy (EEN-TGCE)  
combine the skills of relevant international partners in the energy, environment and circular economy sectors, to help European companies to grow in the international market through the launch of new collaborations and the search for partners for joint research projects financed by the EU.


How to participate 

To participate, use the  EU SURVEY Application Form  


 Submit the  Application Form  (on line via EU SURVEY)  and send your ppt presentation in English by e-mail to e.mail address  staff.enea.bridgeconomies@enea.it

Dead Line:
April 1st 17:00 CEST

Given the coincidence with a public holiday, the original deadline of the March 31  was extended to the next day, same time. On the other hand, in order not to damage the candidates who submitted their Application  by the original date we have originally  indicated, as well as to allow us the verification of all the applications we have received, all the applications following the 50th will accepted sub-conditio.


Duration of each presentation

Each presentation (in English) will be based on the power point template and will last no longer than

4 minutes + 1 minute for questions&answers 

Note: In order not to damage the last competitors, the chairpersons will be instructed appropriately to interrupt each presentation that should last more than 4 minutes


Jury and Vote

  • A jury made up of the technical officer of EEN SGIE and EEN TGCE and representatives from outside the EEN network will select the 12 classified pitches for the final session and vote for the best pitch presentation.
  • The final vote will be taken at the end of each presentation and will remain secret until the end of all the presentations

Proposals deemed suitable but not part of the 12 finalists for the GreenTech pitch session workshop will be presented at the ENEA EEN stand during brokerage sessions



Each juror will vote for each proposal and pitch presentation with his own score for each of the following items:


* novelty of the idea 

  from 1 to 10
* marker & European relevance   from 1 to 10
* benefit for the Green Economy   from 1 to 10
* quality and clarity of the presentation   from 1 to 10



The final ranking will be made public only for the top three finalists

  • The final ranking will be made public only for the top three finalists.
  • The EEN award pitch award will be given exclusively to the winner.
  • In the event of ex-equo, the prize will be awarded to all the top rankeded.


Nature of the award:

  • The prize includes: Specialist advice on the following topics:
  • internationalization,
  • partner search,
  • analysis and optimization of the innovation management system,
  • protection of intellectual property
  • support for access to finance.

Adequate promotion / communication of the business idea will also be ensured through:

  • Publication of the business idea through the partnership oppurtunity database of the international EEN network
  • Publication of your success story on the EEN Italia communication channels through EEN Italia's social networks and professional networks and through the EEN Bridg € conomies Newsletter

The EEN BRIDG€CONOMIES award pitch is not eligible for a cash prize.


For information and support

ENEA - Enterprise Europe Network

Contracts and Partnerships Management Directorate
Industry Service and Business Associations (COM-INDAS)

Piazza E.Fermi 1 80055 Portici (Naples)-Italy
tel +39 081 7723(325)-(228)
mail: staff.enea.bridgeconomies@enea.it